Dear apprentice,

It has been many years since I first heard of this “magic internet money” created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Upon reading his writings I immediately realised the immense power of the blockchain, so I decided to learn everything I could about Bitcoin. For many years I have studied this new form of magic and now the time has come to pass on my knowledge to you. In this book are all the tools you will need to bend the blockchain to your will.

You will need to have a basic understanding of the arcane languages. Most of my spells and enchantments are constructed in a language called “Python” and are designed for the Google App Engine platform.

If you have never heard of Google App Engine, it is the same platform that runs most of Google’s sorcery. The wizards at Google have been so generous to open up their infrastructure to anyone. As long as you stay under certain quota, it's free!

The Bitcoin Spellbook contains a collection of spells and enchantments, all of them use the blockchain in some way. Use these tools wisely and they will give you access to power that was only available to financial institutions before.

Let me clarify the difference between spells and enchantments: A spell will give you information based on a few supplied parameters, whereas an enchantment will actively do something according to a predefined configuration. Some wizards would call spells “APIs” and enchantments “Webservices”.

Enchantments are a bit harder to use because they require some preparation, but once an address is enchanted the effects last until you disable them.

Unlike the spells, to use the enchantments you will have no other choice but to perform the summoning ritual yourself, because even though I am more than willing to teach you everything I know, I do not want to be responsible for what you do with this power.


Wouter Glorieux
Bitcoin wizard